Saturday, January 26, 2008

Message from the President: About our Authors

As the President of Living Waters Publishing Company, I have to say that I am quite proud of our team of authors. I am delighted that we have so many talented and faithful authors. Not only that, but many of our authors are already very knowledgeable about the publishing industry.

Over the next few months, you will get to meet some of these wonderful authors, learn more about their books and their feelings about the publishing industry. So, keep reading. Keep learning.

I'd like to take this opportunity to acknowledge and congratulate the following authors:

Joe Key, author of The Right Man
V.K. Sansone, author of The Adventures of Katie Bear series
Marisa Gary, author of Pure and Simple Devotions
Pastor Kevin O'Connor, author of The Fire that Burns for the Last Days
Kevin and Kristen Collier, authors of Natalie's Ark

From my heart to yours, you are now part of this family! Congratulations on your books and may you see much more success in the future!


Anonymous said...

You don't find this around every corner - the president of a company speaking so kindly about some of the authors. More and more day by day, I am really starting to fall in love with this company.

Anonymous said...

Dear Cre: This is for the two ladies that wrote to me and I could not get the post to them to work! Maybe it is operator error! Love you! Katie
Hello Karen and Whitney! I thank you both for your messages! It is always a big help to have someone else in field to help you along when you need it! Thanks and hope to hear from you in the future too! GOD bless. Katie

Anonymous said...

LW is a totally different kind of company. I'm impressed. I just hope that a few bestsellers wn't turn you all into another giant corp that has nothing but form letters for the authors.