Saturday, March 7, 2009

Sensational Book About Breast Cancer

Jeanette Patindol's My One Boobed Mamma hit online bookstores this week. It is already available on Amazon and BN.

This book is a sensational children's book that teaches families how to cope with breast cancer. You don't want to miss this remarkable illustrated story. The author has dedicated a portion of the sales to breast cancer cure research.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Christian Fiction and Nonfiction

For many, fiction provides an escape. It's almost like a vacation from life. Well written fiction ignites the imagination of the readers, taking them on a journey with more depth than any movie. Christian fiction is no different. If you're looking for well-written and compelling Christian fiction, you may want to consider Wait on the Lord, I Say Wait by Sabriena Williams. This urban Christian lit will not disappoint.

If you're more of the nonfiction type, maybe you should pick up a copy of our latest release, Extreme Life Makeover by Julie Rice. This book will revolutionize your thinking. Get ready to be changed from the inside out, which is the change that counts. Pick up a copy today!

Still, if you're an education buff, you may consider John Schroeder's powerful challenge to the theory of evolution. This book, Why Monkeys are Monkeys and People are People: The Case Against Dawkins, Hitchens and Hawking, will not bore or disappoint. The research is present in the full light of the truth but with a nice dose of humor thrown in. This is definitely a must-have for the Christian, analytical mind.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

"Truth and Intimacy: A Couple's Journal" is Finally Available

For those who has awaited the release of Truth and Intimacy: A Couple's Journal by Lensey and Lacresha Hayes, you don't have to wait any longer. It is now available anywhere books are sold. For more information about this book and the authors, visit the book blog.

Truth and Intimacy explores the depths of marriage with positive reinforcement and biblical insight. This book will help you rebuild your marriage one day and one thoughtful expression at a time. Use the interactive section in the back of the book to bond with your spouse. Use the stories to strengthen your resolve to make your relationship work. Use the scriptural references to stay grounded in the truth of God's Word for your marriage. Get your copy of this book now!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Message from our President

Book marketing is an ongoing process that involves both the publisher and the author. For some time, Living Waters has been investigating various ways to achieve higher sales. With the recent rash of bookstore closings, we've realized that it is important to offer readers a wider selection of reading choices in a wider array of venues.

Over the next few months, we're going to focus on re-releasing many of our backlist titles in electronic format. For many of our authors, this may mean a sharp increase in sales volume. It will also provide more convenience for readers. I guess you could say that Living Waters is going green.

Keep watch on this blog for more updates about the company and our efforts to make our authors successful and our readers happy.

Lensey Hayes, President
Living Waters Publishing Company

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Newly Released is "What's the Problem with Jesus?" by John Hyde

John Hyde has written what may one day be called one of the most provocative books of this Christian era. What's the Problem with Jesus? deals with some of the more prevalent issues of our amoral society today. This book is beyond a doubt one of the most powerful books we've ever published.

Available everywhere this week!

ISBN: 978-0-9821153-0-5

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Newly Released is "Extreme Life Makeover" by Julie Rice

Living Waters gladly announces the new release by Julie Rice, Extreme Life Makeover. This book is like a Christian's life guide for joy and peace. It's an absolute necessity for those who want to enjoy their Christian walk and improve it daily.

This book is now available anywhere books are sold! You don't want to miss it!
ISBN: 978-0-9821153-3-6

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Newly Released is "Uncommitment: Dealing with a Predator" by Leigh Laurence

Living Waters proudly announces the release of the first book in the "Heart of a Player" series, Uncommitment: Dealing with a Predator by Leigh Laurence.

This ebook series will be the first of its kind to come from our publishing company. We're extremely delighted to feature this wonderful author, Leigh, and her extensive relationship writing. You don't want to miss any of these books. Available almost anywhere ebooks are sold!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Powerful Author with a Powerful Christian Message

As a Christian publisher, we live for manuscripts that glorify God and bring truth to those who read. Well, we're happy to be releasing this book, What's the Problem with Jesus?, on December 1st that is the perfect answer book for those who have not yet given their lives to the Lord.

John Hyde brings up some very important questions as he seeks to answer the questions that many ask when confronted with the reality of Jesus Christ. This is a great gift idea and a necessary read for any Christian.
ISBN: 978-0-9821153-0-5
Price: $12.99

Thursday, October 9, 2008

LW Changes

Living Waters has been closely monitoring the economic downturn that has happened. Already, many companies are reporting losses in the hundreds of thousands and millions. In an effort to continue giving our clients effective marketing, we are scaling back on our administrative costs, which now totals about 35 percent of the annual budget. Fifty-five percent of that will now go into more extensive marketing programs for our books.

Living Waters will be closing our Louisiana location. We will be cutting overall office hours at all and moving nearly all of our operations online. This will have a major impact on how we do business. First, it will mean that we won't be accepting hard copy submissions. All submissions will be digital copies only. Nearly all inquiries will be handled online within 72 hours. Our standard minimum publication turnaround time of six months will change to twelve months.

Letters will be going out to all clients about what to expect during this time of transition. We will still handle royalty questions via phone until we're able to move that online. Please keep checking our blog for more updates.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

October Release ~ By His Sovereign Grace by Melody Calhoun

Title: By His Sovereign Grace
Author: Melody Calhoun
ISBN: 978-0-9821153-7-4

This devotional book represents the fullness of walking with Christ. Calhoun shows how to get closer to God in our daily activities, drawing from His infinite mercy and grace. Experience God's love in this wonderfully inspirational book.


"Simple truth. This book can be used to teach a new beginner the power of daily meditation, or to remind established Christians to get back to the foundation of our beliefs. This small book packs a powerful punch."
(E. L. Lawrence, Pastor of Mt. Moriah Christian Center)

"Moving and emotional."
(Charles Owens, Amazon Reviewer)

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

New Release ~ "Wait on the Lord, I Say Wait" by Sabriena Williams

We're proud to announce the release of Wait on the Lord, I Say Wait by Sabriena Williams.

This book makes a strong appeal to have faith in all situations, particularly when it comes to family life. Shavon is a strong, proud, Christian woman who adores her family, her job and her work for God. Follow her struggles and triumphs in this captivating and uplifting novel.

Title: Wait on the Lord, I Say Wait
Author: Sabriena Williams
Publisher: Living Waters Publishing Company
ISBN: 978-0-9821153-1-2
Price: $16.95

Saturday, August 30, 2008

New Release ~ "Where is God, Grandfather?" by Candy O'Donnell

Living Waters proudly announces the release of Where is God, Grandfather?, written by the very talented Candy O'Donnell. This little book is packed with punch. It's a great way to teach your child about God and His relevance in their lives today. Get your copy now at our online store, or anywhere books are sold.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Catch Up With Our Authors

Donna Shepherd's kiddie lit book, Dotty's Topsy Tale, has been released and is now available anywhere books are sold. Jim Copeland is racking up reviews for his book, Life is a Game. Catch a few of the reviews. Sabriena Williams is doing blog tours for Wait on the Lord, I Say Wait. Connie Arnold, author extraordinaire, will soon be ready for release of her two educational children's books, ABC and 123. Kevin Scott and Kristen Collier's book, Natalie's Ark, is slated to be released in 14 days. Candy O'Donnell's book, Where is God, Grandfather, will soon be available for purchase, as will By His Sovereign Grace by Melody Calhoun and Showers of Love by Mary Graziani.

Living Waters has built a team of blog hosts that are helping with the marketing of our books. Please, take a moment to visit some of our books at Comfort and Support, Debbie's Daily Doings, Books and Authors, Write Victoriously, and My Writing Experience.

Living Waters is growing. Come grow with us. Submit your manuscript to Jessica Davis or Lensey Hayes at

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Jim Copeland's Book, Life is a Game, is a Top Story

Doubtlessly, you've heard of the book, Life is a Game by Jim Copeland. Well, his book was reviewed by Kam Williams, and his top story picked up by Baret News Services and will be running in all 50 states.

See more...

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Life is a Game by Jim Copeland

Since the publication of Life is a Game, we've been shocked at the level of sales it has attained. Written by Federal Correctional Officer, Jim Copeland, this book is full of motivational tidbits and wisdom.

Our feedback has been so positive that the author is in the process of releasing a second volume to this book. To celebrate, we have now put this volume on sale so that you can experience the power of this book. Get your copy today for $8.95. Order here!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Dottymania Continues with New Stops

Donna Shepherd and Dottymania has made some new stops. The heat continues with this cute little hippo. Catch more about her at:

Joyce Anthony's blog ~

And Life More Abundantly ~

Have a blog and want to feature Dotty? Just give us a holler at

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Welcome to our New Authors

Living Waters would like to welcome all our new authors to the family. We're very proud to have you aboard:

~ John Hyde, What's the Problem with Jesus?

~ Annie Laura Smith, First Place, Love

~ Beverly Teibel, Dear God Diary

~ Julie Rice, Extreme Life Makeover

~ Jeff Radford, Merciful Leadership

Monday, August 4, 2008

Now Offering Online Gift Cards

Living Waters is now offering online gift cards. If you're looking for a way to sell your books more effectively, give online gift cards. For more information, contact Jessica Davis at

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Living Waters is Supporting Victims of Sexual Abuse and Domestic Violence

Living Waters has donated multiple copies of 10 books to help raise money for victims of sexual abuse and domestic violence. For more information, please visit

The list of books are below:

~ The Rape of Innocence: Taking Captivity Captive by Lacresha Hayes
~ Becoming: My Personal Memoirs by Lacresha Hayes
~ Poetic Infinity by Lacresha Hayes
~ Life is a Game by Jim Copeland
~ The Fire that Burns for the Last Days by Kevin O'Connor
~ Spirit: The Inner Man by Mary Thomas
~ The Nazarene Commentary by Mark Heber Miller
~ Stories from the Red Glass by LMH Christian
~ My First 24 Hours in Hell by V.K. Sansone
~ Benjamin P. Blizzard: Welcome to Christmastown by Karen Nivens

The drawing will be held on September 1, 2008 and announced here on this blog as well as the Celebrate Women blog.

Reasons for Rejection

The acceptance/rejection process at Living Waters has never been openly discussed. However, we've rejected a lot of manuscripts lately, and with good reason. It's time for authors to understand the process of writing and submiting.

One of the main reasons many are rejected is the manuscript does not match our publishing house. Please remember, we are a Christian publisher.

Lately, seems children's books are all the rave. We've received approximately 100 children's lit manuscripts this month alone. Nearly all of them were rejected. Why? In about half of those manuscripts, the characters were not believable. If your manuscript has a seven year old, make sure he/she is in keeping with his/her age range. Don't write a book from a pre-school perspective and use words that most children won't encounter until middle school (unless you're writing about a genius child).

Another reason for rejection is lack of descriptive language. You have to write vividly. You must be able to attract and keep the attention of a child. If an illustrator can't find any scenes to draw, you have failed at using descriptive language. Think lively verbs and colorful adjectives (leap over jump, dashed over ran; be descriptive in your use of adjectives also. Not just a field but one full of red, yellow, purple wildflowers, dandelions, something, anything that an illustrator can draw and children can imagine).

Another biggie with Living Waters is creativity. We want to hear the author's unique voice. It has to be different than the other couple of million writers out there. Your competition is fierce. Always remember that.

Besides all these things, there are also common errors that will rarely make it beyond the first reader at this publishing house. These are:

~ Manuscripts full of errors (with hundreds of thousands of authors who take the time to make sure their work is well-written, properly proofed, etc, we shouldn't have to nor will we deal with manuscripts full of mechanical errors. Be thorough in your writing and proofing. You don't just bang it out and send it off. Use critique groups. Use college students. Use whatever you have to use to make sure your manuscript is ready for an acquisitions editor)

~ Not following submission guidelines (the guidelines are in place for a reason and when the author does not take time to follow them, they put themselves in the slush pile, or worse, the rejected pile, immediately)

Always remember that publishing is a business. Writing, if you want to make money from it, is also a business. Learn about the industry. Learn about writing and submitting. Read, a lot. These simple things will put you way ahead of the crowd. It's not hard to find a publisher for those who are willing to dedicate their time to learning.