Tuesday, January 1, 2008

We'd like to welcome these authors to our family

Please help us welcome these authors to our family. We are proud to have them with us:

Donna Shepherd, author of Dotty's Topsy Tale

Susan Schank, author of Gilda Can't Gallop

Jeanette Patindol, author of My One Boobed Mama

Mary Ellen Courville, author of The Pilgrim's Basket

Mary Thomas, author of Spirit: The Inner Man

Candy O'Donnell, author of Where is God, Grandfather

Shirley Francis-Salley, author of Shifty Characters

Kevin O'Connor, author of The Fire That Burns for the Last Days

Connie Arnold, author of 123: Counting Can Be Fun and ABC: Letters of Learning

Catherine Mervyn, author of A Lesson from a Tree

V.K. Sansone, author of The Adventures of Katie Bear series

Jim Copeland, author of Life is a Game


Lea Schizas said...

Congratulations to all the new authors at Living Waters Publishing. I know how hard it is to get through the slushpile so kudos to one and all.

Lea Schizas

Katie said...

Hey Cre: I'm new with you guys at LW but so far it has been an uphill
feeling of joy, complete with a
"down-hill" ride of pleasure! Hope all everyone enjoys my Katie-Bear Adventures! GOD bless!
V. K. Sansone (Katie)

Jeanette Patindol said...

Thank you very much for this, Lacresha and the rest of the Living Waters staff.

I appreciate and look forward to the opportunity to share with, learn from and grow with fellow authors, as well as the rest of the Living Waters family.

Good luck on your new "baby", Katie! I wish you and your book abundant success!


Mrs. C said...

Thank y'all for the welcome I already feel. I look forward to seeing "The Pilgrim's Basket" come to life!

Mary Ellen Courville

Anonymous said...

Welcome and congrats to all the new authors here. So glad to meet you. I thank you Lacresha for all you have done in making "Elijah The Penguin" come to life. I wish all the authors here good sales and promotion for your book!

shirley said...

Grace and Peace Everyone!
I believe when God wants to bless you He uses people. Thank you Lecresha and Living Waters for being the people who have given me yet another reason to praise Him; and to also be a blessing to our greatest assets, the children. After all, they are our future!

Shirley Francis-Salley

conarnold said...

Congratulations to all you other authors, and many thanks to all at Living Waters Publishing! May God continue to bless all our efforts, to His glory! I'm quite excited about my two children's books being published and look forward to getting to know you more.
Connie Arnold

angelfeathers said...

Hello everyone and nice to meet you all. I am so excited to finally be able to meet you guys. I wish you all great success on your books and with God leading the way, we cannot fail. Now lets get excited because we have books to promote!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks to all of you beautiful and wonderful people who have posted congratulatory comments to all of us "new Authors"! GOD bless and keep each of us in HIS palm safely each day! May GOD bless the sales of all of our books and increase the doors of opportunity to all of HIS children! Love you Cre! Katie

Anonymous said...

Cre. What has happened to you? I
never hear from you any more. The LW company doing ok? Are you ok? Let me know. I hear KB is finally going to be in print soon!? About time I think! :) Let me hear from
you soon or maybe I should call the
FBI to check in and see that you are okay for me and have not been
abducted!? :O) xoxoxx Katie