Saturday, February 23, 2008

Getting Published Webinar

Date: February 27, 2008
Time: 7 pm-8 pm CST
Cost: $27 per person


You may have written a book and thought that the hard part was over. Maybe no one told you the ins and outs of agents, submissions, query letters, royalties and advances. There is a lot of language authors need to know. This industry is full of pitfalls for new authors.

This webinar will deal with the next steps after writing your book. What you do and who you choose to represent your book can be the difference between sinking or swimming for your book. You do not want to miss this webinar.

Hurry! Register today! Contact Lacresha Hayes at or Space is limited!


Anonymous said...

This webinar was totally awesome. Keep doing them because I'll be at every one of them that I can be at. I loved the Powerpoint. I will be using the list of publishers listed at the end of the PPT, particularly Guardian Angel and Writer's Exchange. I've never seen a publisher who so freely recommends other publishers. God bless you all!

Jinice Roberts

Anonymous said...

Wowie, as my son says! I just finished re-reading all the info. I didn't realize it was so much! I feel educated now.