Thursday, February 7, 2008

Living Waters has been made over

Living Waters Publishing Company has been making itself over, so to speak. We have a nice new logo and a beautiful new site to match!

We're working daily to be what our authors need. We've expanded our marketing programs, including more online marketing with the offline targets. God is increasing our territory, and it's because of our wonderful and supportive authors and employees. This company has prayer going up for it nearly around the clock and around the globe.

Please, when you get the opportunity, visit our site at While you're there, use the contact option and lend us your feedback!

May God continue to increase and bless each and every one of us! AMEN!


elysabeth said...

Ohhh new look - how wonderful. I can't wait to see my covers and my books available - lol - E :)

Donna J. Shepherd said...

Looks great! Love the logo.

Brian J said...

I've been to this blog about 14 times now. One thing I have noticed is the book covers. They are weirdly different than anything else people are turning out. Not all of them are the traditional sense of attractive, though this one is, but they all stand out enough to draw customers. I'm assuming that this company doesn't use stock templates. That is a HUGE plus for me.

This cover did it for me though. The grass is welcoming and the cover looks like nothing I've ever seen. That means every book gets individual attention.

I thought you were another fly-by-night publisher, but you have the goods. You've earned my respect.


Anonymous said...

REV KEV Just wanted to say How proud I am of you, the book is totally awsome, truly & spiritually a great read. I know that Gods working in your life and Has great success for you in His plans now and in the future. Continue to do His great work and you will go far in the kingdom of heaven... Love and prayers always, Carmen M. O'Connor