Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Updated Systems to Make an Author's Life Easier


Over the next few weeks, Living Waters will be upgrading our website. We will add a program that is integrated with our systems to give you up to the minute reporting for publication status of your book, as well as sales figures. The latter will take a bit longer to put into place, but the first we expect to be up and running by the end of May.

It is our goal to build a system that is user-friendly. For this reason, your continued feedback is greatly appreciated.


Blessedforlife said...

I am very happy to see my Book Cover "Wait on the Lord, I say Wait " displayed as favorite book cover .

Sabriena Williams

salleysboo said...

This is great news! The idea is innovative and progressive. Sometimes waiting for something without receiving a sign or understanding what's going on can be hard to do. But,if this communication tool is successful it will make this author's waiting easier. Understanding is the basis for cooperation. This has been and continues to be an exercise in patience for me. And, when I have these Gideon-esque moments, I chew on Psalm 27:14 "Wait, I say on the Lord!"

Grace and Peace,
Shirley Francis-Salley

salleysboo said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you LWPC! You did just what you said you would. I just reviwed the status option on the LWPC web site. It's great. It gives me the opportunity to see how hard LWPC is working to bring authors' dreams to fruition. I pray success for each publication and I look forward to the day that my vision is added to the list.

S. Salley