Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Living Waters is Supporting Victims of Sexual Abuse and Domestic Violence

Living Waters has donated multiple copies of 10 books to help raise money for victims of sexual abuse and domestic violence. For more information, please visit

The list of books are below:

~ The Rape of Innocence: Taking Captivity Captive by Lacresha Hayes
~ Becoming: My Personal Memoirs by Lacresha Hayes
~ Poetic Infinity by Lacresha Hayes
~ Life is a Game by Jim Copeland
~ The Fire that Burns for the Last Days by Kevin O'Connor
~ Spirit: The Inner Man by Mary Thomas
~ The Nazarene Commentary by Mark Heber Miller
~ Stories from the Red Glass by LMH Christian
~ My First 24 Hours in Hell by V.K. Sansone
~ Benjamin P. Blizzard: Welcome to Christmastown by Karen Nivens

The drawing will be held on September 1, 2008 and announced here on this blog as well as the Celebrate Women blog.

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Anonymous said...

Wonderful idea.