Saturday, January 19, 2008

Nonficton Tips

From the beginning of books until now, people assume authors are somewhat of a professional in their fields, particularly authors of nonfiction. When you set out to do a book of nonfiction, there are a few pointers that will help you succeed at it:

1) Don't be afraid to interview other professionals. In the world of nonfiction books, it is true that no man is an island to himself. Incorporate help. It will improve the content, worth and sales of your book.

2) ALWAYS include a table of contents and an index. These are important factors that, if forgotten, can make you look like an amateur. When people buy nonfiction, they want swift access to the information they need. Make your book a keeper by first, making the information easy to find, and then, giving them an index they can't live without.

3) You can't be shy. When you are writing nonfiction, your participation is necessary for the book to accomplish any level of success. Promote yourself and your book with every tool you have and do it on a continual basis.

Provided by Living Waters Publishing Company
Lacresha Hayes, President


Kim said...

I needed these tips months ago. Please keep giving us tips and pointers. We need to be able to hone our craft, especially since many of us do this not only for fun but for a living. I knew about a table of contents but no one really stresses indexes like you all have.

thagstands4 said...

Even though my soon-to-be released novel isn't non-fiction, I found these tips to be viable and important no matter the topic of a book. Thanks!

Trekin4JC said...

Thanks for the tips.