Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Employee Appreciation: Jessica Davis

Living Waters would like to officially thank Jessica Davis for all her hard work and dedication. Over the past year, Jessica has proven her loyalty to the company and the authors. She's worked tirelessly to ensure that LWP authors were represented in the most effective way possible. Just yesterday, we received this short note about her services:

"Jessica has been a jewel and was one of the deciding factors in my choosing Living Waters. Many editors don't take time assisting authors at all, which I think is a pity. Jessica took precious time out to point me in the right direction. At 79, I'm too old to go about figuring everything out myself. I hope you will realize how darling this young lady is and keep her around, particularly for an old-tymer like myself." Cathy

Jessica, keep doing what you are doing and know that your hard work is not going un-noticed. We hope you're having a great vacation, one without work involved!

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salleysboo said...

Congrats and kudos to you, Jessica for serving with a spirit of excellence. Your work ethic and caring manner are of great value to Living Waters and its authors!

Shirley Salley